Parenting in the Digital Age in the news

As I posted earlier this year, I completed my honors thesis Parenting in the Digital Age before graduating from ASU. Since the social media safety site went live in the spring, it has gotten some great coverage in local news and experienced a spike in viewers and subscribers. Here’s where it has been featured so far:

Barrett, the Honors College – ASU

AZ Family 

If you’re interested in online and social media safety, give the site a visit – I love feedback!


Discussing my team’s findings on WannaCry on Slate’s Future Tense blog

I love my job doing research for cybersecurity company CYR3CON. We hit our most exciting point two Fridays ago when the WannaCry ransomware attacks were swirling around the globe, and we realized that we had data suggesting hackers were plotting the attacks a month before. A lot of my job is monitoring hacker forums, and seeing results from the constant upkeep was satisfying – although next time, figuring out how to stop the attack altogether would be great.

I wrote about our team’s findings for Slate’s Future Tense blog. Check it out here if you want to know more.

How secure are smart home devices?

Although my resume details my journalism experience, it doesn’t reflect my huge interest in tech. I do write for right now, but it’s more than that – I volunteered in a cyberpsychology lab for three years and am currently a researcher at a cybersecurity company. I spend a lot of time researching malicious websites on the clearnet and darkweb, and let me tell you, I’ve learned some things about personal cybersecurity. If you’ve ever wondered about your own security, check out one of my latest articles on smart home devices here.

Presenting…my honors thesis!


Big news – I will be defending my honors thesis in just two days! I have devoted about eight months to creating this project:

The website is a one-stop shop for parents who are looking to learn about the apps their teens are using. There are profiles of each app, an overview section about effects of internet and social media use, and a blog that will stay up-to-date on new apps and features.

Please check it out and provide feedback to And definitely share, share, share!